9-23-2014 1:25 pm: Introducing Ninjazon Gauntlet! We've given the original a complete overhaul and added content and gameplay! Ninjazon Gauntlet saves your progress and allows for more strategy than ever before. There's 6 new magic options, dozens of achievements to unlock, and a totally rebuilt game structure allowing you to pick the fight you want when you want it. Earn medals for completing all of a fighter's achievements, try out the new Yellow, Purple, and Toffee magic, and take on the Empress 2.0, this time around she's got new powers and is sure to be a challenge! Ninjazon Gauntlet was creating in celebration of a great game and to gear you up for Ninjazon 2!

Also be sure to check out 5 gorgeous new Wallpapers, featuring among other things the first shot of Xova (our new covergirl) the sadistic final fighter for Busty Box! (or is there a secret boss I forget...) not to mention the Ninjazon Gauntlet Player's Guide! This handy guide complements the in-game tips and for the first time gives you in depth coverage of every type of magic the White Ninja can learn.
























































































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