7-14-2014 10:00 pm: PATCH 1.4 is live! Meet Kressa! This busty bitch is a lot tougher than Carri, and comes with a new super punch that she's not afraid to use!

DON'T miss our all new section- Magic Pinups! This is a special place for us to use one-off animations of super hot fantasy pinup babes being ravished or vanquished; each scene starts like a still poster then then plays out from three different angles! With sexy sounds and music you can watch the animation as long as you like and click the screen to pause the action!

Busty Box Patch 1.4:

-Busty Box Menu. Kressa dancing added, Kressa fight enabled. Kressa endings enabled.

-Bug Fixes: Eternal Tits and Auto-Box purchase buttons will now properly disappear once you have bought the upgrades.

22 page Busty Box Player's Guide























































































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