Jette Sexi! We are hard at work on the first level of Jette Sexi and it's gonna rock your socks off... And to celebrate we've got some ultra hot pinup character bios from Jette Sexi's world. We're going to shed some light on those sexy corporate babes and give you skinny on who rules Gynocon and how it all works.


update notes April 29th, 2016 update notes

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MAD MAD MISS MAUL is finally live, along with her glorious "Mad Miss Maul" mini-game. More boxing, more endings, and more upgrades!


Foxy Box: Miss Maul and Round 10 are online! Miss Maul brings all the delicious catfight boxing goodness you have come to expect- with a twist. Her most elaborate ending is unlocked as a bonus ending for LOSING. Lose before the timer runs out and you'll get to check out Mad Miss Maul the game! Earn coins as you take the roll of Miss Maul and watch her beat the hell out of the Foxy Box cast- Miss Maul's dark mistress is very unhappy that these girls are unable to stop White Gloves in her tracks, and Miss Maul is going to mete out their punishment! Enjoy some sexy scenes with the little Miss herself as you whallop enough girls to earn the next page of her sexy display.


Patch Notes 4-28-2016: We've tweaked a few of the Foxy Box fights and ironed out some bugs, Miss Maul's entire library of 4 endings will be live later today.

And don't forget to check out our FIVE hot new wallpaper posters! The cente-rmost wallpaper is another huge sexy giantess from Jette Sexi- more on her later.




















































































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