8-30-2014 2:15 pm: New Fight New Posters! We've got 5 new hot posters to show off the upcoming final dirty moves for Busty Box- Corner Dive and Ultimate Ravish! Also check out Emenie the next opponent facing off against Skinny Sam in her own poster.

8-30-2014: PATCH 1.6 is live! Meet Ducia! This voluptuous chocolate beauty has some big guns to protect her big guns, so watch out!

Busty Box Patch 1.6:

-Busty Box Menu. Ducia dancing added, Ducia fight enabled. Ducia endings enabled.

-Bug Fixes: Sam's bro will now bring weapons when your Dirty perk level is 6 or above, instead of disappearing if your level was greater than 6.

-Pene-Tame: New Dirty Move added and unlocked for all fights! Train Dirty Fighting to level 8 to try it out...

24 page Busty Box Player's Guide























































































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