update notes August 18th, 2016 update notes

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Meet at high noon for a sexy duel... with Rubber Bullets!

Rubber Bullets: How do you get that sexy dangerous western shootout between hot sweaty cowgirls and still have a sex scene after? Non-lethal ammunition! These rubber bullets won't penetrate the skin but they will sting like a bitch... and the loser gets fucked! Literally... strap up and strap on for a riotous girl-on-girl cowgirl hot-shots and hot-sex showdown!

Posters: We've got FIVE new wallpapers to celebrate the release of Rubber Bullets.

Rubber Bullets Part 1 features everything you need to take on the first 3 girls and all those sexy bonus scenes... raise your Health, Power, Aim, and SEX abilities by spending points earned dueling and fucking the other girls. Prepare for Part 2 (already complete coming soon) to take on the remaining 3 girls plus the big busty boss round!

Patch Notes: Rubber Bullets

- Added the 4th girl. because we love you! Part II (coming in our next update) will feature the remaining 4 girls... that's four more duels including the sexy boss babe and secret girl!

- fixed a bug that allowed you to fire without ammo if you scored a combo.

- fixed a bug that was causing the free ammo to spawn every time you shot the enemy.

- fixed a bug that prevented the HEART from spawning (click the heart for +10 health)

- fixed a bug where winning did not give you a duel victory for your record unless you beat the bonus timer.

And don't think we forgot about Beauty Brawl, Spacegirlz, or Jette Sexi- work on all three has already begun.


















































































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