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Jette Sexi Issue #2

Jette Sexi: Our midterm update is complete! This time we've got 26 hot new pages of Jette Sexi! The story continues as we introduce the city of Yoniss- a violent and fierce rival of Gynopolis, where the Fleshmaw Sisterhood will do anything to see Gynopolis fall! Youn Lashia is a simple junior officer breast-milking tech, and she's sick and tired of a life of near slavery... it's time to take matters into her own hands! Meanwhile Jette Sexi has just destroyed the giant cyber security femme Orobis and pushes deeper into the city in pursuit of Mauna and the dark secret Gynocon is protecting!

In addition don't forget to check out our hot new posters, detailing more Jette Sexi lore and sexy characters!

Patch Notes: Jette Sexi Chapter 2, the arcade game coming up next!


















































































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