10-05-2014: Ninjazon Gauntlet patch-White Ninjazon has been patched to be a much easier fight- this one is supposed to be for learning, not pulling your hair out. After defeating White the difficulty setting will allow you to have the type of fun you want in the later matches.

10-5-2014 8:50 pm: Busty Box 1.8 has arrived!While we work on the new Freeplay mode we invite you to take on the fascist beauty Xova! This babe has even larger breasts than the others and she means to smother the life out of Skinny Sam once and for all! Xova introduces some new tricks- including the "iron cross" special move; a button will appear on screen and failing to press it will result in Sam becoming a helpless punch dummy for several seconds. Xova is brutal but her sexy endings are worth the wait.

Patch 1.8 also made some changes to the fights making it easier to unlock those 2500 bonus points! Now all you need to do is win to get the extra points; use those extra points to last into the later rounds and unlock more endings! There have been bug fixes for every fight as well, and all fights should now list version 1.8 on the loading screen; if you see a different version you are loading the wrong files and may need to reload the page or clear your cache.

Also be sure to check out 5 gorgeous new Wallpapers, and our 50 page superheroine slide-comic Virago Unchained, in the Comics section.

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