update notes April 25th, 2017 update notes

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Double Update!


Foxy Box double trouble!

Take on Lady Vix: She wears some crazy armor on her chest that protects her breasts from 99% of your damage... find a way to defeat her and break that armor to access Lady Vix nude! Also check out the final mini-game unlock which can be purchased in the Foxy Box gym store.

Take a peek at those hot new wallpapers and preview a couple smaller bites sexy games we're cooking up for quick release.

Patch Notes:

Foxy Box 2.5

- Added Lady Vix armor match (win and break her armor to access Lady Vix Nude)

- Added Lady Vix nude match

- Added 7 new endings

- Added Solo Girl mini-game, unlockable any time from the Gym store.

- Added Foxy Cards for Murderess (updated with final character and unlock reward), and the mysterious Fight Goddess!


















































































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