10-23-2014: Prisinia's Day Out-New game! This cute killer will introduce you to dozens of Amazoria characters as Prisinia slices her way to selfie perfection! There's a lot to watch and no way to lose this one- it's win win!

We've got 5 HOT new wallpapers that take us back to the busty brutal world of Amazoria, including a new theme we'll be exploring called "Top vs. Bottoms".

Coming up soon we've got Busty Box 1.9, the FINAL chapter! 1.9 will feature FREEPLAY mode once you defeat the final opponent, this will let you box whoever you want and watch any animation you want, without fear of losing or the ref spoiling your fun. Also one final ending for EVERY match will be added, along with some bug fixes and other updates. We've also got some early screenshots ready for Ninjazon Legends so you will be seeing those very soon.

In other news we have begun work on a little game called Xmazon... can you guess? How about a hint- think Vampalon, but a different holiday :)
























































































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