update notes June 21st, 2017 update notes

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FOXY BOX IS FINISHED! The final epic conclusion of our epic boxer is here! There are now a total of 23 fighters in this sexy foxy boxing marathon. Over 55+ upgrades to buy with Sexy Coins earned while boxing, and EIGHT mini-games to unlock!

We've also patched YES Mode to allow you to more easily earn bonus coins (it no longer reduces stats to 1, which made late game fights literally impossible). So enjoy the new art, the new fights, and EARN THAT BELT!

Mad Miss Maul final levels coming next!

Patch Notes:

Foxy Box Complete!

- YES Mode has been overhauled for all 22 matches. Ymode will now reduce Tough, Skill, and Power by -10 each. This makes it much easier to use and allows you to farm those bonus coins!

- Mad Miss Maul mini-game complete! You can now sic her on all 22 different girls...

- Added Murderess fight, Goddess Fight.

- Added 8 new endings.

-Added 5 new Player's Guide pages.

- Added Foxy Book upgrade which enables you to view all endings for every fighter.

- Fixed multiple bugs in several fights.

- the Nun fight is much easier (defeat her in bonus time to unlock Cuffed Cat)

- added tips to the hidden fighter icons to help you unlock them.


















































































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