update notes January 14th, 2017 update notes

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Happy New Year!

Jette Sexi: TSo we're back and hard at work here, and we hope you had fantastic holidays. Today we've got some sexy screens from the next chapter of Jette Sexi's arcade game, as well as 5 gorgeous wallpapers featuring new characters to be featured in Jette Sexi No.2. That's right we've got more Jette Sexi comic around the corner and more arcade action.

The FINAL Chapter of Spacegirlz will be coming after we finish this monstrous Jette Sexi update, so stay tuned!


Patch Notes: Jette Sexi

- We've fixed a bug that forced you to go directly to the boss if you died early in Jette Sexy Chapter 1. Now you will correctly start at the beginning.

Jette Sexi Chapter 2 starts with Jette at level 10 and all weapons unlocked- with a completely different ultra sexy boss encounter and new enemies!

We hope you like the animation above- we'll be doing more of these for our updates, big and small!


















































































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