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July16th, 2015




UPDATE 5-31-2015: Beauty Brawl is heating up! We've got a few choice tidbits of gameplay info to share with you today: as per the polls we put on our site we know our fans love wrestling, and sex... especially when they're mixed. So in the world of Beauty Brawl the Amazon wrestles at the behest of a sadistic horny amazon queen, Druessa. Druessa will really get into the match, and the more pleased she is the more "favor" your wrestler (the Amazon) will accrue. More favor means she can do more stuff; and if Queen Druessa gets bored she'll have her beefy henchwoman start whipping the girls! Whichever girl gets whipped is at a disadvantage and will find herself taking some serious damage and probably getting knocked down by her opponent. On the ground there is some limited sexy striking, and really rough sex fighting, along with the PIN attempt. Girls are very likely to get whipped while attempting to pin because the queen likes the match to last her several orgasms at least. When it's all said and done if the Amazon got whipped a whole lot she won't have a lot of points to learn new moves... The fight order starts with the sexy clinch, of which there are a couple different kinds. Sudden advantage leads to strikes and possibly a combo that might knock the girl on her ass or open her up for a slam. Once she's slammed she's out of breath and her body is fair game, until somebody gets whipped or she gets some stamina back. We're still working out stats but so far we're looking at Toughness (how much damage she can take), Willpower (how long she can hold out before orgasm), Endurance (how long she can be kept down or in a hold), and Strength (determines raw damage). That may change as we get closer but so far that's what we're looking at...

Ideally there is a way to break free and take the queen bitch to the mat herself, but you'd probably have to go through that brawny naked ninja bodyguard first! And speaking of naked you'll notice the girls are just that- this wrestling takes place in the blistering heat of a steamy jungle, which means these girls are slick with oily sweat head to toe, and the in-game art and animations reflect that. Beauty Brawl will be a very solid game, so we will probably do another round or two of updates and teasers- and we're toying with the idea of an interactive intro for you guys to play with before the game is finished.

So for now stay tuned and enjoy the new Beauty Brawl posters! Also we apologize that our Wallpapers preview page wasn't working, you should be able to get a sneak peak at our infinite wall of posters now. We have also swapped the FREEBIE so you can try your hand at wrestling Ecchi-Ba from Babeworld Wrestling!

UPDATE 5-25-2015: Suprise! So we built a sexy little commission game and in exchange for free content we have opted to show it off for our subscribers. Play Room is a wild wacky sexsploitatious good time, and you'll find it in our "Sexytime Games" area. Use and abuse three different girls, including two new faces and the Amazon from Babe World Wrestling! We've got 5 new Wallpapers online as well, so check them out, and check back soon for some gameplay mechanics updates for Beauty Brawl!

We are not including a strategy guide for Play Room... if you need instructions to play this game you're gonna get slapped. We've also updated the arcade FREEBIE so check it out.

5-13-2015 Hello to the Fans: we've had some really explosive response to our gameplay video pages, and a LOT more people are finding out about the site. Just wanted to put up a quick note to let you guys know about the evil plots we are now hatching. First- Girly Punch: We love this game, and I think it's in a great place to be a combination of voyeur-boxing and interactive mini-games, with a TON of animations and very satisfying sexy endings and sexy gameplay. However we learned a lot building it and the game is just too big for us to add more girls, so we'll be moving on from that straight into other projects. Here are the things we are excited about going forward:

Our top priority is another wrestling game- Beauty Brawl. Now this is the most challenging game type we can build- the problem is that you can only fit so much artwork into a game, and "transitional animations" would eat up a lot of that, meaning we'd have to drastically reduce the number of moves to accomodate more realistic animation. OR we can use the more cinematic "clip style" animation like we did with Babeworld Wrestling to squeeze more animations in there. Some of my ideas for our next wrestler are to have things start with standard wrestling/brawling, where everyone has the same moves. Once you get on the ground things get really dirty. There would be some kind of force-her-in-the-corner dirty move set, where basically you just keep adding on to what you are doing; so say you have unlocked Dirty 1, you might force her in the corner for some breast punishment, level 2 might be breast punishment moving to some 3rd base action. Level 3 could be aggressive fingering/fisting, maybe culminating with a strapon. Kind like a dirty move combo if you will. Anyway we HAVE TO figure out a way to make the game scalable (adding more girls) without making each level so damn big it takes us a month to finish. I'm confident that we can do that.

Other projects that have already been started, or are slated for near-future: Huntress: We really want to bring her back, and to that end we already have a bunch of artwork done for a side-scrolling action game. Basically you would go through the chapters, the first level starts in the Cathedral, with undead slave nuns coming at you; Sersei tears through them with her blades, which you can upgrade and unlock different versions, and at the end of the level she takes on Mother Superior. We're going to be going back through the boss fights and revamping them to make the encounters much more smooth, entertaining, and easier to get through.

Topsy Boxy 2: Another one we have a very efficient design for and have already started working on; Topsy 2 will feature super voluptuous more cartoonish girls, and just crazy fast paced boob and belly pounding action- the camera will switch to different POV angles on its own and it should be a lot of fun.

Fur Fighter: two more levels of this game are almost done- the art is finished and we just need to code them. That brings the game so close to finished that we are going to go ahead and try to get it done completely this year. Fur Fighter is a solid little fighting game and very sexy to boot.

Prisinia: I don't know about you guys but old school games like Double Dragon and Golden Axe will always be in my heart. I want to see a sexy Amazoria based game like that starring Prisinia, right down to the slightly pixelated graphics! I think we could make it a hell of a lot of fun, with lots of sweet combat moves and unlockable magic.

Ninjazon Legends: the sequel to Ninjazon is still floating around out there somewhere, and it would be probably the coolest fighting game we've ever seen... a truly replayable experience that is almost never the same.

Harem Quest: this is a funny idea I had where you are in charge of a harem and keeping your customers happy. Shop for new girls, coach them on their sex moves, and try to make sure every customer who comes in walks away satisfied... and broke.

So that's all for now- stay tuned for a fat poster update very soon and more news about Beauty Brawl!


UPDATE 5-11-2015 10:26pm CST. Girly Punch 1.8! And the PLAYER'S GUIDE is live, so check it out! We've been getting some great feedback, and it's become clear we needed to trim the fat. Girly Punch runs a lot smoother now, we have eliminated Stances, so the only things you need to worry about are whether you want Events on or off, busting out combos, and telling Kris which body part to focus on! Leave the rest up to her...














































































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