February 27th, 2015

Artwork & News: Ultra sexy new wallpapers! VIP Lapdance Gallery! So while you wait to sex-wrestle Jessica next week... (you read that right), we've got some hot new art for you today. Just as big as the art however, is the news I get to share with ya- our NEXT super sexy wrestling game is in the design stage, and you will play AS the Amazon, the final boss from BWW.

Now here are some things we're thinking for the new game, to give you an idea what we're shooting at. We have been watching the poll closely and reading a truckload of emails loaded with helpful requests. Below is a list of features or ideas we are very excited about for this game- now they may not ALL make it in there, but you can get a general idea where we're headed:

-Title yet to be determined.

-The overall look and theme is a tribal/jungle arena of some sort, where the girls fight and eventually wrestle with painful or smothering pins denoting the winner.

- No ref. The "ref" will instead be the crowd, who will be cheering or booing off camera, and if the crowd gets bored of what's happening in the ring the girls may get flogged or whipped... or something else unpleasant. This is entertainment after all.

- By popular demand we're going to grease the ladies up and make this contest oily... we'll even try to find some nice oily-body-smacking noises to incorporate

- More pin play, pinning your opponent will be a large part of the game with lots of squirming and attempting to reverse the pin, smothering, etc.

- Fight to the ground: we're considering having the stand up game be kicks and punches till one girl falls then the other piles on and the wrestling begins. This might not even be feasible but it sounds pretty f-king cool.

- Training you can lose: maybe it's a tiger, or one of those rotating towers with spikes on it. The amazon may even have to punch out 2 girls at once, whatever the case we're going to make training and stats more challenging and more fun.

- Less crap to buy with coins... we had over 50 things to unlock at the cost of core gameplay with BWW; instead we would prefer to have fluid stats customizeable so you can focus on different things depending on the fight. Fighting a really fast girl you may want to go for speed, a super strong girl you may go for toughness. Ideally changing your stats will have a huge impact on gameplay.

- Sex ways to win? considering having sexy moves or forced orgasm be an alternative to pinning for victory.

- Level up. Instead of coins probably looking at an experience point system; get points every time you beat a girl and spend them on training or perhaps a few unlockable moves. wrestling a lvl 1 girl over and over will give you less and less xp if you are much higher level.

SO as you can see we're excited to see BWW reach it's ultra sexy conclusion, and get into our next game. NOW if you like our ideas hang on tight and wait for good things to happen- if you have questions or comments please submit them to barbarianbabes@gmail.com!

Babe World Wrestling 2-24-2015: Sneaky changes! We've added a new feature to the HQ- from now on playing in the HQ gives you another way to earn bonus stat points! Every time she has an orgasm in the shower, or speaks during the interview, rubs herself in bed or dreams, takes a drink, passes out, plays with herself, etc, there is a small chance you'll earn a bonus stat point, which you can spend on Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, Sexiness, or Speed! You'll know when you get a point because chimes will sound. There is no limit to how many you can get playing the HQ- the only limit is that you cannot raise any stats higher than 15 with these points. You can view your current bonus points in the Stats room.


SUPERPUMP Mode for training sessions has been adjusted. Now if you GAMBLE your bonus point you have a 50% chance to increase your stat by 3 for the cost of 1 point- and a 50% chance to get only 1 stat point, for the cost of 2 points.

- Training sessions will now properly describe themselves with the correct stat, ie Strength training won't tell you how to raise your Endurance.

- Fixed a display bug with stats not showing correct values















































































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