11-22-2014: VIBRO-TIME! Holy crap it's ANOTHER new game! Vibro-Time debuts with Lora, so come one come all and GET HER OFF! We've got the entire cast of Busty Box coming soon to Vibro-Time, so get your fingers wet! The first vibro-time ending is unlocked from the Menu of Busty Box as welll; and enjoy the 5 sexy new wallpapers while you're at it.

After the Thanksgiving holiday we're looking at more Prisinia COMICS, a tasty little holiday game called Xmazon, and some seriously busty vibrator action for Vibro-Time, where you can unlock all the girls you have beaten in Busty Box! Stay warm and STAY TUNED!

11-17-2014: Busty Box concludes! Yep, and it's a big finish! Take on the deadly Lilith, a vampirish vixen who doesn't intend to go down easy, then get ready for a TWIST ending! We don't want to give it away but after stepping back into the ring for some mega hot bonus action you will have unlocked the Vibro-Time ending for Lora... and WTF is that?! Read on...

So after putting a ton of time into the final ending for each fighter we realized these new endings would need to become their own game- they are just too interactive. So next week when it goes live, you will be able to pit a magic vibrator against Lora and see how much she can take! This game will still be playable if you have never played Busty Box, BUT if you have defeated all the bonus content in Busty Box you will automatically unlock ALL the other girls in the new game.

Defeating Lilith will unlock ALL ENDINGS for ALL fighters (not including the Vibro-Time endings) so if you have missed any endings or don't want to go back to unlock them, never fear. Knock her down for the count and you're golden. Lilith's bout also has 1 minute rounds and 15 second breaks so the action is faster!














































































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