Jette Sexi! A new game takes time, the engine is built alongside that first level, but once that's done we are ready to rock and roll. Jette Sexi is like nothing you've ever played- a sci-fi sexual space romp side-scroller starring Jette on her trusty skybike. Using pleasure as her weapon she must take down the sexy bad girl forces of the Gynocon Corporation in her quest to meet the head of security face to face- the sexy Giant bio-fem Orobis! Dodge weave and sex-blast your way through the level as Jette earns XP and levels up, allowing you to purchase upgrades, powers, and health at the H.U.D. store- always a click away. Hang in there we're almost ready to launch!


update notes May 20th, 2016 update notes

instant access

6 New Cast Cards!

Jette Sexi screenshots and Powers revealed!



Jette Sexi:We are nearly wrapped on the huge first level of Jette Sexi. Take on waves of high flying enemies as you level her up on a quest to breach Gynocon security and pursue that pesky Maura 717! Manage Jette's Power, Pleasure, Stamina, and Credits as she destroys the competition, purchases powerful upgrades, and makes her way to the final boss- Orobis, Mistress of Security.

Enjoy the teasers, review the powers, and stay tuned for Jette Sexi Level 1!


Our new game engine is almost complete and it's epic. Jette Sexi zooms around on her bike in style, guided by the mouse- ram those hotties from behind until they just can't take it anymore... Jette's bike is equipped with the latest ultra-pleasure phero-blast technology!



















































































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