update notes March 14th, 2017 update notes

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Patch Notes, Posters, and Gallery Update!


We've added a new 33 image catfight pictorial from deep in our portfolio- images that have never been seen here before, so enjoy!

So much sexy: We're still working on Jette Sexi 2, as well as more new fighting game action (a fighting game all about Gyndo, the martial art all sexy femmes must learn in Jette Sexi's dark dystopian world). Also the next comic is coming along, and we've done renders for the next Foxy Box level. We'll keep adding posters, news and other goodies as go-between updates as often as we can between game updates, so get used to the extra artwork! Jette Sexi 2, coming very soon.


Patch Notes:

Lovely Box: Improved the ending when you win... :)

Beauty Brawl: Made those crazy little orange buttons easier to click, which should make it a lot easier when you play to win.



















































































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