January 30th, 2015

Babe World Wrestling: Patched Contessa and Cherish fights to fix their reversals... they weren't quite pulling their weight lol. The Amazon endings are in full swing and we will be releasing her soon as her own update, along with TEN new catfight posters of her vs. Selynda (they will tell a story if viewed in order!). Also we are adding 3 new pages to the Player's Guide for the Amazon. Once the Amazon is defeated you will unlock a special menu that can take you to ANY ending in the game, even those you have never unlocked (perks of beating the final boss). The Amazon fight with Selynda is totally topless, so you will see the superheroine completely baring those beautiful jugs.

Jessica the bonus round girl will happen in her own update following, and will cost 1000 or 500 coins to unlock (we're not sure yet). After spending the coins you will be able to wrestle her even if you haven't defeated the Amazon. Jessica's match is fully nude for both wrestlers, so anything goes! The match will be all about getting down and dirty, and while Selynda can still beat up her opponent if she likes many of the moves will have new sexy results. Jessica can't push out of a pin at all, so any time you want to end the match and get to her endings it's just a 3 count away. The Jessica update will of course feature a ton more Posters, and new Player's Guide pages as well.















































































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