8-11-2014 5:00 pm: New Gallery update! We've got a huge gallery update featuring a 26 page pictorial story about a sexy nymph and a gruesome predator... Also 5 new posters today, two of them featuring Ducia- your next sultry opponent for Busty Box 1.6, coming very soon!

7-28-2014 3:10 pm: PATCH 1.5 is live! Meet Jenina! This busty dark elf boxer is tough n' nasty, but the rewards for defeating her are many! New endings, new Dirty Tricks levels to unlock, new Player's Guide pages, and new Posters today!

We've added a double dose of new Magic Pinups bringing our total to 5, be sure to check em out!

Busty Box Patch 1.5:

-Busty Box Menu. Jenina dancing added, Jenina fight enabled. Jenina endings enabled.

-Bug Fixes: Eternal Tits and Auto-Box purchase buttons will now properly disappear once you have bought the upgrades.

-Bare Knuckle: New Dirty Move added and unlocked for all fights! Train Dirty Fighting to level 7 to try it out...

-Player's Guide Update: New Pages for Bare Knuckle and Pene-Tame (coming in 1.6).

24 page Busty Box Player's Guide























































































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