update notes October 16th, 2016 update notes

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Rest & Relaxation

R&R: While we get ready for the next big update we invite you to play R&R, a spinoff expanded version of the Poolside mini-game from Foxy Box.

Our next update is forked- it will either be the next sexy update for SPACEGIRLZ, or an entirely NEW game! We don't know which it's going to be yet so stay tuned!

Next update we'll have R&R moved from here into the Arcade on its own page.


Patch Notes: Rubber Bullets

- Rubber Bullets was too difficult so we've made some changes.

- By popular demand we've increased your starting Rubber Points to 10. Now you can explore stats more quickly, have better sex and take down more of the girls earlier.

- Added a RESET BUTTON which will allow you to reset the game from default- reduces all stats to zero and resets your Rubber Points to 10.


















































































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