9-11-2014 5:00 pm: Patch 1.7 is live! Emenie is ready to take you on, and she's got some hot new endings if you can earn em! Also we've got more player's guide pages and two more dirty moves unlocked! Don't forget to stop by the Magic Pinups and Wallpapers sections as well!

Busty Box Patch 1.7:

-Busty Box Menu. Emenie dancing added, Emenie fight enabled. Emenie endings enabled.

-Bug Fixes: Jenina's ending 1 has been fixed and is now available.

-Corner Dive: New Dirty Move accessible between rounds! Click the icon to spend 100 points and watch Sam's bro go down on your opponent!

-Ultimate Ravish: The Final level of Dirty Tricks can now be unlocked- level it up to 9 and unlock Ultimate Ravish!

-New Player's Guide Pages: New pages added for Corner Dive and Ultimate Ravish!

26 page Busty Box Player's Guide























































































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