4-6-2014 8:03am: Fixed a bug where unlocking Blackraven's bonus ending on ultra mode would take you to the Captain's bonus ending instead.

4-3-2014 7:59pm: Blackraven joins the Roster! 5 new Posters! Expanded Player's Guide!

Our next big update for BWW will add either zero new fighters... or SIX NEW FIGHTERS depending on how you look at it. It's like a riddle... can you guess what we'll be doing?

Also we've got a contest coming up- and the prize is pretty sweet. The winner will help us design a new character for BWW!

BWW Patch 2.2:

-Blackraven opponent added to BWW. This bad bad girl gets off on getting off and will be tough to take down.

-Blackraven Endings have been completed, 2 endings for loss, 2 endings for win, 2 endings for bonus win.

-Gleeva Bonus Ending 1 has been redone. The original was more or less phoned in... not good enough for a bonus ending!

-Gleeva's vampire bite has been buffed to give her considerably more health.

-Player's Guide has been expanded (this is a two part process, here is part I)! We are now featuring a page dedicated to Endings for each opponent. We have also added Blackraven to the Player's Guide!

BWW Player's Guide is now 25 pages!























































































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