8-22-2012: Here's a tip: check out the IN DEVELOPMENT section... pronto!








8-9-2012: Huntress: you can now click on your opponent to help Sersi kick ass!

We have also greatly reduced the amount of points you need to unlock each following level.





7-27-2012: In Preparation for our forthcoming update we went ahead and uploaded the Theatre level! In addition you will find the Theatre Coffin game with new unlockables; we have modified both Coffin games so that if the Cowgirl is killed you can restart the coffin game rather than having to restart the fight level.




Unlockables >

Orange Ninja Pink Ninja Green Ninja The Empress Yellow Ninja Purple Ninja White Ninja Brown Ninja Black Ninja Gray Ninja Blue Ninja Red Ninja


BE SURE to clear your cached game files before playing Ninjazon. The Toffee Ninja should be accessible from the button that pops up at the end of the credits!

6-22-2012: Ninjazon: Ultimate Magic is now in its final form. Enjoy! We have also fixed a bug where the Red, Blue, and Green levels were not spawning the defensive rune buttons during the fight.

After defeating the White Ninjazon in a sparring match you will be given the Invisibility Code during her "Friendality."

Taunt has been fixed to actually be useful. Click the White Ninja's name to taunt. It gives +40% Tension meter and the animation is a lot faster.

After Toffee's fatality you will receive the Final Code to use at the very beginning of the game that will take you straight back to the final dojo, where you can access every fight, spar the white ninjazon, and enter the Trophy Room.






6-5-2012: Ninjazon: Ultimate Magic has been severely buffed to give players on Hardcore mode the equalizer it was intended to be.

6-1-2012: Ninjazon: Fixed a bug where the button leading to the Empress final battle was off center, forcing you to click the dead Orange Ninja's portrait to fight her.

6-1-2012: Prisinia's Wrath Redux: From now on when you defeat the Fangmistress the yellow button after the credits will allow you to fight her again, so that you can see all her spanking bonus rounds and fatality- replay her as many times as you like.

6-1-2012: Kanika's Gauntlet: Fixed a problem where the incorrect versions of fights 1-6 were reuploaded, so if you tried to play and found no clues to the Champion's name simply reload the game and you will get the clues and the chance to input them after defeating Xercei.






















































































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