What is Barbarian Babes.com?

Barbarian Babes features the sexiest digital fantasy babes and female fight art on the net. We feature 3D design as well as hand drawn contributions, guest artists, some incredible amazon-themed action games, photos, and more. Our site celebrates the human fascination with the warrior woman, in all of her incarnations.  The Amazon warrior differs from other heroines in that she yearns for bloody and deadly combat.  Mythological tradition often paints the amazon in a sexual context as well, and so it follows that we depict our heroines in violent and erotic encounters. Compared to other sites featuring catfight or amazon artwork you will find our presentation more gritty, more raw, more brutal and definitely sexier than the competition. There really is nothing quite like BarbarianBabes.com anywhere, and we couldn't be happier about that!


What sort of content should I expect in your member’s section?

We specialize in Amazon combat, mostly focusing on fantasy and mythological themes.  We do have a substantial amount of modern and sci-fi content, but this is in the minority. Fantasy fighting females would be a good way to describe it; brawling, catfighting, story driven conflicts, tournaments, arena combat- all featuring exotic, powerful, and extremely sexy females.


Is your site pornographic?

This is a debatable question.  The Encyclopedia of Ethics defines pornography as:

“The sexually explicit depiction of persons, in words or images, created with the primary, proximate aim, and reasonable hope, of eliciting significant sexual arousal on the part of the consumer of such materials.” (VanDeBeer 1992, 991)

Although our content is certainly erotic at times, and violent female combat can often be interpreted as an analogy for sex, this is not the primary aim of our site.  Rather, since the depiction of beautiful women in violent activity seems to be a huge social taboo, we seek to create a place where this theme can flourish.  There is very little actual sex depicted in any of our artwork. The combat is also larger than life and though often brutal or bloody is certainly artisically rendered in the exaggerated tradition of fantasy comics, rather than striving for any sort of "real world" presentation.


Is this a “snuff" site? 

No.  "death erotica" or snuff focuses on helpless females being killed. This isn’t a BDSM site either, though we certainly don’t condemn those who enjoy either of these fetishes.  Snuff and bondage, in it’s various forms, tends to glorify the victimization of helpless females who are generally powerless to resist their fate.  Our Amazons are ferocious, powerful women who battle fearlessly in the face of intimidating odds.  Sometimes they triumph, sometimes they die, often they are completely outmatched, but they are certainly not helpless. Our artwork focuses on larger than life female warriors- and though they are usually lithe and impossibly beautiful they are still warrior amazons who know what they're getting into...


Do you have any “mixed action” on your site?

Yes.  Quite a bit, though in the context of traditional mythology.  That is to say, most of our “mixed combat” stories involve powerful heroes who battle hordes of savage warrior women.  As in the Greek myths, the Amazons usually fall before their male opponents.


Do you use any live models?

The focus of our site is to showcase the work of our artists.  We have done a few photo-stories, employing some well-known personalities in the female wrestling business, but this sort of content is not what we specialize in.


Can you please add more Ninja Babes / Nazi Bitches / Indian Princesses, etc?

We understand that female fighters come in many varieties.  We do our best to depict the Amazon in all of her facets.  If you want to see more of a particular theme, please let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.


Will you consider custom work?

Absolutely!  All of our artists will entertain custom requests.  Pricing varies widely, depending on the medium and the artist, and requests that fall outside of the Amazon combat theme (ie torture, humiliation, snuff, etc.) may not be acceptable. Please feel free to send us any requests, suggestions, or feedback!


Can I post some of your work?

We’d be flattered.  However, please get our permission and make sure to reference the source www.barbarianbabes.com


How often do you update?

We strive to add new content every weekend, and we seldom fail to do this.  Content is archived on a regular basis as well, so make sure to check back often!


What sorts of payment do you accept?

All of our memberships and handled by www.verotel.com  If you live in a country where Verotel does not do business, please let us know, and we might be able to make other arrangements.  We DO NOT accept any sort of direct payment (money orders, checks and the like).

All pictures, images and media on this site are: Copyright © 2003-2009 Barbarianbabes.com All rights reserved.